RoboSoft Community description and activities

RoboSoft Community comprises major excellent research laboratories at European and international level working in the field of soft robotics sharing a common vision for soft robotics and willing to contribute to RoboSoft events and publications for the creation of the body of knowledge and of scientific and technological standards for soft robotics.

Membership to the RoboSoft community will be open for all for the duration of the Coordination Action. The Executive Board, in consultation with the Advisory Board and Members, will periodically evaluate new memberships.

Working Groups

Members joining the RoboSoft community are organized in a number of specific Working Groups (WGs) to focus on critical or emerging topics, or robotics technologies:

  • Smart Materials and Soft Actuators;
  • Control Architectures and Paradigms for Soft Robots;
  • Soft Sensors;
  • Energy harvesting;
  • Stretchable Electronics;
  • Biological insights.

Coordinated by the RoboSoft consortium, the WGs work to define scientific and technological standards for their area, collaborate for the writing of working papers and for the organization of periodical meetings.

The number and type of WGs could change along the project duration on the basis of the members’ needs and of the strategic decisions under the supervision of the Executive and Advisory Boards.

Each WG will be composed by experts of the respective research topics. The WG Coordinator, nominated by the RoboSoft Executive Board, is in charge to oversee, moderate and document the activities and consultations carried out within the WG, with other WGs and with stakeholders and other scientific community related to the topic.


Members of RoboSoft Community contribute to RoboSoft following activities:

  • Working Group brainstorming and discussion;
  • Plenary Meetings organized events (i.e. with oral presentation, and/or exhibitions, and/or round table, and/or poster sessions, etc.);
  • Writing of Working Papers and book series for the creation of the body of knowledge and of scientific and technological standards for soft robotics;
  • Summer Schools: for lectures and students involvement;
  • Website and newsletter contents;
  • Interdisciplinary events for cross-fertilization with other scientific communities;
  • Events for stakeholders;
  • Joint publication in scientific journals.


Members of RoboSoft Community have the opportunity to:

  • Use the RoboSoft resources, channels and initiatives to promote your research activities in the field of soft robotics towards the scientific communities and stakeholders;
  • Gain of a shared scientific and technological knowledge from worldwide research groups;
  • Propose and promote organization of activities and/or events. Proposals will be discussed and evaluated by the Executive and Advisory Boards;
  • Participate and contribute to joint publications and working group discussion and activities related to the emerging topics for soft robotics.



Soft Robotics: Trends, Applications and Challenges 

The book with the proceedings of the Soft Robotics Week published by Springer





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